The Scribe’s Daughter EPUB, Crowns of Destiny book 1


Book 1 of the Crowns of Destiny series

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As Kassia unravels clues to the mysteries of her family’s past, her discoveries make her the target of a man who would use her for his own dark ends.

But he has to catch her first.

Her only help comes from a band of exiles and the son of a man who has secrets of his own. After escaping the brutalities of prison, Kassia and Jack travel together through imperial cities, dark swamps, across stormy seas, and finally into the court of a man who has answers.

Too bad truth is often costly.

How much is Kassia willing to sacrifice to learn the truths her father kept from her all her life?

What if everything you thought you knew was a lie?

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“This historical-feeling book has no history but felt vaguely medieval. That rooted the world for me while the deeply drawn characters and twisting plot made me turn pages. I didn’t want it to end.” – Sara

“This book is hands down the best medieval fantasy novel I’ve read in years.” – Lauren Sapala

“Kassia is a sassy, scrappy character who hooked me from the opening.” – cb

“Stephanie Churchill has vividly created a world that will feel familiar to those who enjoy medieval fiction. Kassia experiences adventures that take her on the full range of fortune’s wheel, and each setting is beautifully described. I had a clear vision of mountain vistas, sparkling lakes, bustling cities, and thick forests, and each felt as though I was there at Kassia’s side… We get to laugh out loud at her snarky sarcasm while we are sharing her inner pain and doubt. This strong, courageous young woman goes through more to get her happily ever after than anyone in the story, besides the reader, is privy to.” – Carpe Librum

  • 2017 New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing – Solo Medal Winner, Fantasy
  • 2018 Golden Book Award
  • indieB.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
  • Chill with a Book Award winner